Swimwell is the sole distributor of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced membranes in india.

Reinforced membranes are the intelligent alternative to traditional finishes, such as tiles or paint.

Their exclusive lacquer - developed by RENOLIT - affords outstanding protection against everyday wear and tear and the passage of time. They are easy and quick to install, adapt to any shape and design and are effortless to maintain.

Why Renolit Alkorplan 2000 or 3000 for Pools?

  • World Wide Leader having almost 65% ++ market share.
  • Whole Swimming Pool can be constructed in 2–4 weeks time, post confirmation of order with planning.
  • You can design Swimming pool of any size, shape, designs & decoration
  • 100% Water proof – with performance warranty of 10 years ++
  • Less maintenance as compared to a conventional pool.
  • Pools can be installed at any floor or on roof top.
  • Swimming Pool Membranes are resistance to Stains, Chloride, Resistance to development of Micro-organisms, UV Rays, Bacteria, Etc.
  • Swimming Pool Membranes are available in various colors, Designs
  • You need not to do any waterproofing by chemicals or coatings.
  • You need not to fix tiles, as membranes are available in Tiles Designs.
  • Easy to Repairs & Maintenance.
  • Perfect Systems for existing Leaking Water Bodies, Swimming Pools. Fountains, Artificial Reservoirs for Aesthetics. Water Ponds, Championship Olympic Sized Pools, etc.



RENOLIT ALKORPLAN has the widest range on the market of reinforced membranes, offering a diverse array of eye pleasing, on-trend solutions for waterproofing your pool. Colours, textures and innovative designs have been conceived to lend your pool a highly contemporary look.