Pool Maintenance

Filling the pool

Unless using mains water or from a reliable source, water used for filling the pool must be treated to ensure it contains no dissolved metals, such as iron, copper or manganese.
Metals, such as iron, copper or manganese, leave deposits which can stain the membrane!

Water level

Water level in the pool should be kept at constant height during swimming season. During the winter season, when the pool water is not treated with chemicals, water level may be allowed to rise (rainfall) or to drop (to protect the pool against ice). Empty or partially emptied pools should be covered to avoid pollution and damage from sunlight.


Avoid any build-up of grease or dirt deposits at the water line – these can lead to permanent aesthetic damage to the membrane.
Regular cleaning of fatty deposits and dirt around the flotation area using a slightly alkaline or neutral degreasing agent is advised. We recommend the use of RENOLIT ALKORCLEAN. Lime deposits can be cleaned with an acid cleaner, such as a 5% hydrochloric acid solution.

Never use abrasive cleaning materials, detergents or solvents!
Water treatment chemicals should first be dissolved and/or diluted before their introduction into the pool water, and must never come into direct contact with the waterproofing membrane. If slow-dissolving chlorine tablets are present in the skimmer basket, then the circulation pump should be run on a regular basis.

Chemicals must never come into direct contact with the waterproofing membrane!


Stabilized chlorine (chloro-isocyanurate derivatives) should be dosed at 0.7-1.2 mg/l (available chlorine, DPD-measured), pH 7.0-7.6.
Non-stabilized chlorine (free chlorine; obtained by salt chlorination, sodium hypochlorite, etc.) should be dosed at 0.4-0.7 mg/l, pH 7.2-7.6.


Bromine derivatives can be used as a less volatile alternative to chlorine chemicals (warm water pools). The advised bromine level is 1-2 mg/l. pH 7-8. Over-use of bromine in the pool water leads to a brownish coloration of the membrane, which will especially be visible on lighter colours.


In ozone treated pools, residual ozone in the pool water should be kept below 0.01 mg/l.



Chemicals containing copper should not be used as they tend to stain the membrane. Please check that your algicide does not contain copper. We recommend the use of RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81059 anti-stain agent to remove all dissolved copper from the pool water.