Why Swimwell Pools?

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Fiber-reinforced Panels

The pool's structure is made up of Fiber-reinforced Panels where we don’t need to do waterproofing or Epoxy coating. In this case, you just need to do excavation, Soling & PCC. Later Panels will assemble on-site and instead of tiles, we will apply Geo Textile, and Membrane will be installed. In this Pool we don’t need to make RCC structure, No Waterproofing, No Tiling’s no such coating is needed.

Low maintenance.

The cleaning process is quite user-friendly and Low on maintenance.


Here we provide you a written guarantee of 20 Years of our FRP structure. (It is Earth Quake Resistant)

Anti Skid Membrane

Here the membrane is anti-skid, which can be used on steps and water bodies where the chances of slippery are high.

Safe from Chlorine

Here as the membrane is coated with lacquer this avoids the effects of chlorine on the pool.

Cost effective Option

Whereas In our Pool we do not need to make a balancing tank and pump room for the pool, Here we have various cost-effective options.

No Leakage & Seepage

Our Pools never face the problem of leakage & Seepage. We provide you 100% guarantee of water tightness for 10 Years.

Hygienic Pool

In this pool, you will not face problems of algae bacteria because of lacquer coating on the membrane. It is also UV rays protected.

Easy to use

No need to change water for a long time

Membrane Guarantee

Written Guarantee of 10 years of our membrane and 20 years of written guarantee for structure.

spongy effect

Our membrane provides you a smooth surface and the spongy effect which avoids the chance of injury.

10 days Challenge

Here we Install the pool within 10 days.

Anywhere Installation

These pools can be installed anywhere (Ground/Above Ground/Roof Top/Podium).